Training & Safety

Our Chauffeurs

The Avalon chauffeur is a highly trained professional, carefully recruited for both competence and courtesy.

The application process begins with prospective chauffeurs taking our written geography test in the applicable city. Applicants then face two different Avalon staff members for further screening. Those deemed qualified must next submit to an extensive background check and a complete drug test.

Applicants must successfully complete an intense, comprehensive two-week chauffeur-training course.

Avalon further maintains the company’s signature quality by randomly checking the service levels of our employees and through random drug testing.

By fostering a work environment in which all employees are recognized for their hard work and appreciated in kind, Avalon easily boasts one of the lowest employee turnover rates in the industry.

Our Vehicles

Every luxury automobile in our employ is upheld to the strictest safety requirements. Avalon Transportation has installed DriveCam Mobile Camera Systems in every Avalon vehicle, proven to effectively improve driver awareness and decrease the probability of accidents.

Health Programs

The health and happiness of our employees is important to our services. We provide regular training and health awareness programs so our chauffeurs can safely and deftly handle your luggage. This guarantees the most convenient and efficient service for our clients.


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