Bermuda Limo

Welcome to Bermuda Limousine

Dedicated to excellence. Kendall has created a limousine service for all types of events and occasions. As a young entrepreneur, he has established a fleet of luxury vehicles to suit any type of excursion. Recognized for quality, Kendall has developed a business on a referral basis. This has established him as a safe and dependable driver. With over 10 years experience chauffeuring and professional advances in operating all vehicles, Kendall’s priority is safety and his driving skills reflect that quality.

Following five years of business, Kendall has demonstrated honesty, integrity and sincerity in all aspect of his company. Kendall maintains a high level of professionalism while communicating on a personal level. He will always be available for individualized service while maintaining a reasonable price. Don’t forget if we’re late to pick you up your ride is free.


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